Pillow Cases, TianranRT Rabbit Egg Pattern Pillow Cover Festival Cushion Cover Sofa Bed Home Decor Happy Easter Decorations (45cm*45cm, N)

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Anti-drop color: salt water immersion method. Need to raw materials: salt bought back to the new sheets in order to prevent fading in the first water before the first bubble with a thick salt water for half an hour, and then follow the conventional method of cleaning. If there is still a slight fade, you can wash each time before the first salt with water immersion on the ten minutes, if things persevere, the clothes will never fade it! There is also a dark-colored sheets for the anti-fade method is to turn the clothes drying. Here to remind you: most of the fabric clothes can not be direct sunlight, because UV is the culprit clothes fade. So not only in turn drying, conditional, then try to put the place in the dark air to dry clothes. You must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water a teaspoon), washed immediately after rinse with water, do not soak for too long, and finally, not in the sun exposure, the sun will dye degeneration should be placed in cool and ventilated Dry place.

  • Cute easter style pillowcase, great for festival decoration and kid bed decor
  • Perfect for place on the sofa, coffee shop, library, book store, party, club.
  • Size:Square 45cm*45cm
  • Material:Linen cotton

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